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FAQ Topics

1) What is HOYA Helpline?Read More

HOYA Helpline is an independent channel for active employees who are directly hired by the HOYA Group to report possible violations of law or HOYA Business Conduct Guidelines and is an additional system to the regular reporting lines available within each company of the HOYA Group.

2) Why was HOYA Helpline established?Read More

HOYA Helpline was established to promote early identification of problems and find their solution at an early stage within the HOYA Group in order to ensure a safe and fair working environment for those who work in the HOYA Group.
HOYA Helpline is also providing protection for the person reporting the suspected violation.

3) When should I use HOYA Helpline?Read More

HOYA Helpline is designed as a second resource for active employees who are directly hired by the HOYA Group to communicate their concerns. Anyone who works in the HOYA Group is encouraged to raise their concerns to their local management and/or HR Department before contacting HOYA Helpline. However, we realize it is not always comfortable, or possible, to report inappropriate behavior to your supervisors or management. At that time, an active employee who is directly hired by the HOYA Group can contact HOYA Helpline.

4) What kind of contents should I report to HOYA Helpline?Read More

Any possible violation or suspected violation of the law or HOYA Business Conduct Guidelines. For example, misuse or theft of corporate property, harassment, safety or environmental concerns.

5) Who manages HOYA Helpline?Read More

The Case Managers of each company are appointed by HOYA Group CEO. They will handle the matters with strict confidentiality and report the issues directly to the HOYA Group CEO via HHL members (HHL-Japan) in HOYA Corporation in Japan. The reported concerns will be handled by the final decision of HHL-Japan.

6) How do I contact HOYA Helpline?Read More

An active employee who is directly hired by the HOYA Group may call HOYA Helpline at 1-800-620-5517. A third-party company called “The Network, Inc.” will accept your concerns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Anyone who is directly hired by the HOYA Group may send an e-mail to reportline@tnwinc.com or send a letter to 333 Research Court, Norcross, GA 30092, or send a fax to 1-770-409-5008, or use the web reporting system at https://www.tnwgrc.com/Reportline/International. "The Network, Inc." will also accept your concerns by e-mail, letter, fax, and web.

7) How soon do I receive the feedback from HOYA Helpline?Read More

When you contact The Network, Inc. anonymously, the callback date will be set up within 2 weeks by Network’s interview specialist.
When you contact The Network, Inc. with your name and contact information disclosed, the Case Managers will handle your concerns and give you the feedback as promptly as possible.

8) Will my inquiry be kept confidential?Read More

The members who are responsible for HOYA Helpline have the duty of confidentiality. Therefore, your inquired information including your name will be kept confidential and should never be disclosed to any third party without your permission, or unless required by law. Your name or other personal details might be disclosed on a need-to-know basis.